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CAMPBELL, Margaret (DNA Linked)
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Family Links

1. ROURKE, Francis (DNA Linked)

CAMPBELL, Margaret (DNA Linked) 1 2 3

  • Born: About 1810, Ireland 4
  • Marriage (1): ROURKE, Francis (DNA Linked) on 24 January 1835 in Dungannon RC parish, County Tyrone, Ireland 1
  • Died: 13 April 1881 at 11.40 pm, Clarkston, New Monkland Parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   Cause of her death was 'affection of stomachie'.

   Other names for Margaret were CAMPBEL, Mary,1 CAMPBELL, Mar,3 CAMPBELL, Margt,1 3 CAMPBELL, Mart,3 CAMPBELL, Mary,3 CAMPBLE, Mar,3 CAMPBLE, Margaret,1 O'RORKE, Margaret,5 O'ROURK, Margaret, O'ROURKE, Margaret, RORKE, Margaret 6 and ROURKE, Margaret.

  General Notes:

No birth or baptism evidence has been found yet for Margaret Campbell. Her maiden surname is known from her marriage record and her death certificate.

In the 1861 census for the parish of Shotts, Lanarkshire, the first Scottish census in which Margaret and her family were listed, Margaret O'Rourke was recorded as the mother of nine children ranging in age from Mary, aged 5 years, to Elizabeth, aged 24 years. Six sons and another daughter came in between. In addition to herself, her husband and her children, she had her widowed father and a 24 year old lodger to look after. Margaret herself was recorded as a woman of 47 years and Irish born. This recorded age was five years younger than her husband's age, though the differential decreased as the decades passed.

Between the 1861 and 1871 census-taking, Margaret Campbell and her family moved from Omoa Square, Cleland, in Shotts parish, to Clarkston, in New Monkland parish. Moving on to find new work was a typical experience for working people of the time.

The 1871 census for Clarkston, New Monkland, Lanarkshire recorded Margaret Rourke living with her husband and seven children in the 'Houses South of Edinburgh Rd'. She was recorded as 58 years of age and as born in Ireland. The house, in which the family lived, had two rooms that were windowed. Three of Margaret's sons, and her husband, were employed in coal mining, and one son was an ironstone miner.

Three of Margaret's grown up children, now in their twenties, were living with their parents in 1881. The 1881 census recorded the family of five living at 52 Brown's Land, Clarkston, in New Monkland parish, in a house where two of its rooms were windowed. Margaret O'Rourke, recorded as aged 60 years and born in Ireland, as in previous decades, had no rank, profession or occupation attributed to her. Her daughter worked in a cotton mill; her husband and two sons worked down the pit. What Margaret was or did, words could not express at all, or did not express adequately; at least the census did not note any of it.

Margaret Rourke died on 13 April 1881, at the recorded age of 60 years. Her death certificate noted that she had been married to Francis Rourke, Coal Miner. Her father, Patrick Campbell, a blacksmith, and her mother, Sarah Hammel, were both deceased. 4 7 8 9 10 11

  Research Notes:


In the Roots Ireland website,, the original handwritten records from Irish parish marriage and baptism records have been transcribed and published online. Many original Irish parish records are now also available online at

Her 1835 marriage certificate recorded that "Fras Rourke" married "Margaret" Campbell. However there are baptism records before and after the year of marriage that raise questions about whether there is one couple or whether there are two couples: the husband being Francis and the wives 1] Mary Campbell and/or 2]Margaret Campbell.

In the transcribed and the original baptism records, abbreviations are sometimes used for the given name, and these, as well as the surname, vary in spelling. There is also the possibility of error, either on the part of the priest or of the transcriber. This possibility is enhanced with the similarity of letters in abbreviations for Margaret oftem indicated with a final 't' ('Mart') or 'g' ('Marg'), but the use of 'Mar' is more problematic, and may more likely indicate the name 'Mary'. In fact, some records use a Latin format with the form 'Maria' (sometimes in abbreviated accusative case, or in genitive) which is then transcribed as Mary.

In year order of the birth of the children, the table that follows shows transcribed names, followed by the transcribed names for the husband and the place of residence. An asterisk indicates children listed in the 1861 census for Scotland with Francis Rourke and Margaret Campbell. The bracketed number indicates more than one child of same given name.

Baptisms: Francis or Fran Rourke (+variations) and Mar Campbell (+variations)

1823:Catherine Mary ( 'Marie' for 'Mariae' in original parish register) Campbell/Francis Rorke/address Crinagh

1826:[1]William/Mary Campbell/Francis Rourke/address Creenagh

1828: Alic/Mar Campble/Francis Rorke/address Crinagh

1832:[1]Fran/Mar Campbell/Fran Rorke/address Creenagh

January 1835: Marriage/Margaret Campbell/Fras Rourke/wife's address Derry

June 1835: Eliza*/Mart Campbell/Fran Rorke/no address noted

June 1836: James*/Margt Campbell/Francis Roarke/address Derry (in Dungannon) (this baptism record is listed in transcription under name of John, child named James in later sources)

January 1837: [2]Francis/Mary Campbell/Francis Roarke/address Creenagh

1838: [1]John/Mart Campbell/Francis Rourke/no address noted

1841: [2]John*/Margaret Campbell/Francis Rourke/no address noted

1844: Daniel*/Margaret Campbell/Francis Rorke/no address noted

1846: Edward*/Margaret Campbell/Francis Rourke/no address noted

1848:[3]Francis*/Margt Campbell/Francis O'Rourke/no address noted

1850: Sarah Ann*/Mary Campbel/Fras O'Rorke/address Rossmore (in the original parish register there is a 't' following what looks like a 'y' before Campbel)

1852: [2]William*/Margaret Campbell/Francis O'Rourk/address Rossbeg

1855: Mary*/Margaret Campble/Francis Rourke/address Killybrackey

Conclusion: These baptisms have now been presented in Patrick's People as two families:
a]Francis Rorke and Mary Campbell with all the children baptised before the marriage of Francis Rourke and Margaret Campbell in 1835 plus Francis baptised January 1837 and
b]Francis Rourke and Margaret Campbell with the others.


If we accept that the list of various transcribed names, noted above for Margaret Campbell, refer to the same person, and it does seem to do so, then the year of Margaret's birth comes in to question.

In the 1861 census Margaret was recorded as 47 years and her husband, Francis, as 52 years. That would suggest a birth year for Margaret of 1813/1814, but if her first child was born in 1823 then that birth year is surely rather late. Margaret and Francis did not marry until 1835, though, if we accept the above list as one coherent family, they had children together before that. This suggests both were very young when these children were born, too young to live independently as a married couple. Moreover two male children's names are repeated in the family later, so the children very probably died at an early stage of life. In addition, there are three years, two years, and four years between each of the respective first four births, longer than is generally the case with a mature cohabiting couple at a similar time and in a similar culture. This may indicate that the couple though in a relationship were not considered old enough to take on a full married relationship. Although the legal age for marriages in Ireland at that time was 12 for girls and 14 for boys, a family might well hesitate to permit marriage while the couple were in their early teens, despite their active relationship and obvious fertility. Thus the number of children conceived would be somewhat limited until the couple matured physically.

A differential between the ages of Francis and Margaret is indicated by the five year gap recorded in the 1861 census, even though it may not have been as large as exactly five years. We can postulate then that both Margaret and Francis may have been in very early teens when Catherine was conceived, maintained their relationship as they matured, then married when they were considered fully adult. Thus Margaret's year of birth is placed tentatively at 1810, making her about 12/13years old when she first became pregnant, and about 44/45 years old when her last child, Mary, came along, three years after the second last, William. From the time of her marriage, her children are born at about two year intervals, certainly under three years.


"Affection" here means a diseased or pathological condition.


Drumglass was a parish in the barony of Dungannon in the county of Tyrone, and province of Ulster, on the road from Armagh to Coleraine. Dungannon was a market town within this. Ross more, Ross beg and Killybrackey were townlands within Drumglass parish.

Creenagh and Derry were listed as townlands in Tullyniskan parish of County Tyrone in the 1766 Religious Census. Tullyniskan, also Tullynisken and Tullaniskan, was a parish, in the barony of Dungannon in the county of Tyrone, and province of Ulster, on the road from Dungannon to Stewartstown, and on the Tyrone canal. It contained the post-town of Coal-Island.

"Other highlights of the correspondence section of the Castle Stewart Papers are: the letters and related papers about the Creenagh colliery, Co. Tyrone, 1721 and 1746-1772, including a memorandum 'Relative to Mr [Davis] Duckart's plan of a navigation from Farlough [to Londonderry], 1767' (D1618/15/6)"

from Castle Stewart papers 12 13 14 15 16

  Medical Notes:

J. Montgomery Alston MD certified the cause of death.

Margaret Rourke's son, Francis O'Rourke of Clarkston, gave notice of his mother's death before the registrar, Thomas R. Watt, at New Monkland parish on 14 April 1881, and signed the register.

Margaret married Francis ROURKE (DNA Linked), son of John ROURKE and Elisabeth HAGAN, on 24 January 1835 in Dungannon RC parish, County Tyrone, Ireland.1 (Francis ROURKE (DNA Linked) was born about 1806 in Ireland 17 and died 4 April 1883 at 7.00 pm in Clarkston, New Monkland Parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland 18.). The cause of his death was bronchitis over 5 days.

  Marriage Notes:

"Church Marriage Record

Date of Marriage:24-Jan-1835
Parish / District:DUNGANNON
Husband:Fras Rourke
Status:Not Married
Wife:Margaret Campbell
Status:Not Married
Husband's Father:Rourke
Wife's Father:Campbell
Witness 1:Rourke Sarah
Witness 2:Mallon Mary
Notes: //

Copyright Irish World Heritage Centre (Tyrone + Fermanagh)"


In the Church Marriage Record transcribed (above) and made available by the Irish Family History Foundation, Fras Rourke and Margaret Campbell were recorded as having been married on 24 January 1835 in the parish of Dungannon in County Tyrone Ireland.

The address noted beneath Margaret Campbell's name was 'Derry'. The record noted that each of the couple was 'not married'. Only the surnames of the father of each was recorded 'Rourke' and 'Campbell'; no name was entered for the mothers of either bride or groom. Two witnesses were named: Sarah Rourke and Mary Mallon.

The parish of Dungannon referred to here is the Roman Catholic parish of Dungannon in the Diocese of Armagh.


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