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STRACHAN, William 6th of Glenkindie
(About 1525-Between 1609/1609)
FORBES, Janet of Brux
(About 1534-)
FORBES, Duncan 1st of Moneymusk
(About 1517-)
GREY, Agnes
(About 1525-)
STRACHAN, Alexander fiar of Glenkindie
(About 1555-Before 1609)
FORBES, Elspet of Moneymusk
(About 1565-)
STRACHAN, Patrick of Kinaldie
(About 1597-)


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1. ROSS, Barbara

STRACHAN, Patrick of Kinaldie

  • Born: About 1597
  • Marriage (1): ROSS, Barbara

   Other names for Patrick were STRACHAN, Patrick of Kinnadie,1 2 STRACHAN, Patrik in Robslaw,1 STRACHAN, Patrik,3 STRACHANE, Patrik,1 3 STRAQUHAN, Pat,1 3 STRAQUHAN, Patrick,3 STRAQUHAN, Patrik,1 STRAQUHAN, Peter,3 STRATHAUCHIN, Patrick of Kynnadie 4 and STRATHAUCHINE, Patrick of Kinadie.5

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  General Notes:

"On 7th and 8th January, 1608, Irvine of Drum and Gordon of Abergeldie signed a Bond of Caution of 2000 marks, and Irvine's brother for 1000 marks, not to harm Arthour, Lord Forbes, and other Forbeses, and also William Strachan of Glenkindie, Alexander Strachan, fiar of Glenkindie, and Alexander and Patrick, his sons, and Forbes of Towie."

from Strachans of Glenkindie

"Mr. James Strauchane, minister of Coldstone, declared that there was due to him :-
By David Barclay of Matheris . . 2000 merkis.
Robert Paul, burges of Aberdeen . 600
Patrik Strauchane of Kinnadie . 500
William Forbes of Pittelachie 100
George Gordon of Tullachowdie 200
Mr. John Reid, minister of Tarlan 200
James Gordon of Auchmull . 200
Mr. Johne Strauchane, minister of Midmar 100 . 1 . "

from Logie-Coldstone (quoting The Book of the Annualrentaris of Aberdeen,1630)

"Patrick Strachan of Kinaldie at this same time was plundered and tane captive, syne had to Kelly, because he would not pay the said Sir John Gordon a fine; but frae Kelly he was transported to Towie, where he fairly wan away...

....Ye heard before how Haddo had plundered and taken Patrick Strachan, a discreet gentleman, and warded him in Kellie. Fifteen days thereafter he sent him to the place of Towie Barclay, which was taken in by the marquis of Huntly, and Hugh Gordon made captain over 16 soldiers appointed to be keepers thereof; but this Patrick Strachan made quiet friendship amongst the soldiers, took the captain, and kept the house manfully while the army came, and syne came bravely out, and gat his horse and arms again, whilk Haddo had plundered from him...."

from History of the Troubles

"Likewise you, the said Sir John Gordon, immediately took the said Walter Grant and detained him prisoner and sent him as prisoner with four gentlemen to the said marquis of Huntly. Likewise also you and your accomplices upon the [...] day of the said months of March, April or May, or one or other of them, did take, apprehend, keep and detained Patrick Strachan, brother to Alexander Strachan of Glenkindie, as your prisoner partly in the house of Towie and partly in the house of Kellie by the space of 15 days and above. By doing whereof you have not only usurped the king's majesty's authority in taking, apprehending and detaining them by the space aforesaid, but also you have committed (you being a landed gentleman) the odious crime of theft and robbery by your stealing and taking away the arms and goods above-specified pertaining to the said [...] Barclay of Towie, being in his possession within the said house the time above-mentioned."

from Parliamentary Register

"Donald Farquharson, now returned from England, if ever he went there, also joined Montrose with the marquis's consent, and brought in a large body of men from Braemar and the Aboyne estates. They were mostly idle fellows that the country could easily spare. Montrose, now the leader of the royal army, took up his camp at Aberdeen, swept the county of the Covenanters, who went south for protection, and grievously ravaged their belongings. Parties of troops were sent out to burn and plunder, and som on their lands. Patrick Strachan, tenant of Kinaldie, a relative of the Laird of Glenkindie and of the minister of Coldstone, was fined heavily for being a Covenanter; and, because he would not, or could not, pay the fine, his goods were plundered and he himself taken prisoner. It was Sir John Gordon of Kelly (Haddo House) who had command of the party sent into Croipar. Sir John, an ancestor of the Earls of Aberdeen, carried poor Strachan prisoner to Haddo House, and from that he transported him to Towie Barclay, 'where he fairly wan away'. Spalding calls Patrick Strachan 'a discreet gentleman,'' and gives this account of his escape : 'This Patrick Strachan (tenant of Kinaldie, in Coldstone) made quiet friendship amongst the soldiers, took the captain(prisoner), and kept I the house (Towie Barclay) manfully till the army came ; and syne came bravely out, and gat his horse and arms again, which Haddo had plundered from him'.

This was a bright exploit on the part of Kinaldie."

from Logie-Coldstone (citing Covenanter Times. Scotland 1643) 6 7

  Research Notes:


The Strachans of Glenkindie states that Kinaldie, or Kinnadie, adjoins Annachie, in Buchan, and that its title deeds could not be found, nor the date of its acquisition. It was in Strachan possession for at least two generations.

It has a variety of spellings.

On 9 September 1634, the designation is applied in
"Decree. Forthcoming" to Patrick Strachan:
"Patrick Strathauchine of Kinadie, donator to the liferent escheit of Janet Keyth, 'guidwyff' of Touxhill, who was liferentrix of Clofrikfuird, and Alexr. Straquhan of Glenkindie, heritable proprietor thereof v. George Cantlay in Clofrikfuird."

from Records of the Sheriff Court of Aberdeenshire


"Full Definition of LIFERENT ESCHEAT: the forfeiture under Scots law to the superior of the annual profits from property held by liferent during the life or duration of the outlawry (as for debt) of the liferenter"



In a manuscript account of the Rosses of Auchlossan, according to The Strachans of Glenkindie, the Rosses of Auchlossan were said to have married Barbara Ross to Patrick Strachan of Kinaldie.

It also stated she was daughter of John Ross and granddaughter of Nicol Ross of Auchlossan. 4 8 9

  Noted events in his life were:

Bond of Caution: by Irvine of Drum and Gordon of Abergeldie, 7-8 January 1608. 4 To prevent William, Alexander, his son, and his son's sons, Alexander and Patrick, and a number of Forbes, from being harmed.

Appointed as commissioners: with brother the Laird, 1622, Scotland. 4

Obtained a remission: for hurt caused to John Fraser in Elrick, 17 July 1627. 2 Patrick Strachan of Kynnadie had taken revenge for an attack of him by Fraser, his servant, and accomplices, in May 1625 while he was at public worship on the Sabbath. using cudgels and other weapons they haad come up behind him, injuring him severely, and would have killed him had not those around intervened.

Goods plundered in Buchan, himself imprisoned, April 1644. The ringleaders were Francis Hay in Kellie and John Gordoune of Haddo.

Took part in gathering of Covenanter lairds, September 1644, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Granted a discharge: for 300 merks to Alexander Urquhart of Dunlagis, 13 August 1651. 2 Alexander Strachan, younger, of Glenkindie was a witness to this discharge by Patrick Strachan of Kynnadie.

Patrick married Barbara ROSS, daughter of John ROSS of Auchlossan and Unknown. (Barbara ROSS was born about 1621.)

  Marriage Notes:

"In a MS. account of the Rosses of Auchlossan, Patrick Strachan of Kinaldie is stated to have married Babrbara Ross, daughter of John Ross, and granddaughter of Nicol Ross of Auchlossan."

from The Strachans of Glenkindie 10


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