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November 2022


Thoughts have reality. They have energy. Negative thoughts create negative vibrations, and Planet Earth cannot take much more negativity. Switching from negative to positive takes only a second. Choosing positive thoughts lightens the load we all carry.


Everything we do intentionally begins with a thought.
It may happen so fast that we don't even realise this is so. Our mind uses the brain and the body to put into action whatever we choose. The brain and the rest of our physical powers respond to what our thoughts are. First our thoughts affect our physical experience. Worry thoughts create changes in our physical well being. As do hate thoughts. And loving thoughts. This is the basic way in which we change our reality. Choosing what we think affects what we experience.


Of course we use our reason to deal with practical matters. We think out solutions to difficulties or problems. But thoughts can also be judgments, not ways of reasoning. Many areunreasonable judgmentsabout ourselves, about situations, about other people. We judge ourselves and we judge others. That kind of thinking is a choice. It comes from our will. We will our thoughts, just as much as if we choose to lift a stone and hit someone over the head with it, or drop the syone on our foot. Instead of lifting a stone, we could lift a loaf of bread and offer it to a hungry person. Similarly with our thoughts. What we choose to do make us who we are. What we choose to think makes us who we are, for good ot bad.


Fear often motivates our thoughts. Desire also plays a part. Our fears and desires shape themselves as thoughts before they become acts. It is possible for people to take control of their fearful thoughts or of thoughts of desire but many times we don't. Yet fear and desire can be limited by our thought, if we so choose. The first step is to become aware. By becoming aware of feelings of fear or hatred, for example, we can check our tendency to make other people our enemy. Recognising what we like and don't like helps us to take responsibility for our feelings and judgments, instead of allowing the same feelings to dominate our thoughts, where we might end up believing that other people actually are a threat us and speak against them, unjustly, or act aggressively towards them unnecessarily.


Your brain could bs compared to a TV. You can change channel if you choose. You are the one in control, not the TV.


"Thoughts are deeds. Do not be other than optimistic." Edgar Cayce, reading 793 - 2, (


"When you observe yourself within, you see images, a world of images, generally known as fantasies. Yet these fantasies are facts. It is a fact that a man has such and such a fantasy, and this is such a tangible fact, for instance, that when one man has a certain fantasy, another man may lose his life. Or a bridge is built. These houses were all fantasies. Everything you do here, all of the houses, everything was a fantasy to begin with, and fantasy has a proper reality. That is not to be forgotten. Fantasy is not nothing. It is not, of course, a tangible object, but it is a fact nevertheless. It is a form of energy, despite the fact we can't measure it. It is a manifestation of something, and that is just (as much) a reality as the Peace Treaty of Versailles, or something like that.... Psychical events are facts, are realities."  Carl Jung (interview 1957)


" .... an attack thought or a hostile thought will create a build-up of energy in the body that we call anger. The body is getting ready to fight. The thought that you are being threatened, physically of psychologically, causes the body to contract, and this is the physical side of what we call fear. Research has shown that strong emotions even causes changes in the biochemistry of the body..... Of course, you are not usually conscious of all your thought patterns, and it is often only through watching your emotions that you can bring them into awareness." Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now)

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