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Alexander, Boyd, of Southbar, juryman

Anderson, Mary, witness and daughter of Thomas Anderson wright in Mudies Court Argyle Street Glasgow

Bain, James, witness and Police officer in Glasgow (Note: Glasgow Police Force was established by an Act of Parliament in 1800)

Brash, John, architect in Glasgow, juryman

Brebner, William, witness and Keeper of the Bridewell of Glasgow

Brown, Alexander, witness and manufacturer in Glasgow who lodged in the house of Dundas Paterson in Maxwell Street and like him was robbed

Brown, Moses, of Broomhill, juryman

Brown, Robert, witness and Horse dealer in Glasgow, and late Master of the Horse Patrole there

Buchanan, Mrs Elizabeth, witness and wife of Dundas Paterson

Buchanan, Jean, had a house in Camlachie were John O’Hara lodged

Calder, Alexander, witness and Glasgow City police officer, with others searched accuseds' home & escorted them to police station

Campbell or Barber, William, in custody for theft, extract of a sentence given against him in Glasgow Court on 10 February 1814 used in evidence, in Mary O'Hara's house only once according to her, could write

Clephane, Andrew, Advocate Depute, signed each page of the indictment.

Colquhoun, Archibald of Killermont, His Majesty’s Advocate for His Majesty’s Interest

Daroch or Darroch, Esther, witness and prisoner in the Tolbooth of Glasgow, cousin of Mary O’Hara, lived in Whiskey Close Calton, wife of Peter McGuire

Davie, William, witness and writer (ie solicitor as in Scots usage) in Glasgow

Drummond, Alexander, witness and shopman to James Drummond and Company, scotch cloth merchants in Glasgow

Drummond, James, witness and managing partner of the concern of James Drummond and Company Scotch Cloth Merchants on the east side of the High Street, Glasgow

Duncan, Bob, one of the group of lads thieving with Smith, Miller et al

Edmond, James, witness and one of the officers of the Criminal Court of Glasgow

Ferguson, Hugh, writer (solicitor) in Glasgow, juryman

Foster, Charles, of Drummoyne, juryman

Gardner, James, witness and Keeper of the Tolbooth (jail) of Glasgow

Gillies, Adam, (1760-1842), Lord Gillies Scottish Judge, presiding trial judge in this case

Gilmour, James, witness and son of David Gilmour, baker in Gallowgate Street of Glasgow

Gow, James, lately waiter at the Saracen’s head Inn Paisley and owner with his wife Mary Jamieson, of an Eating House, situated in Argyle Street of Glasgow

Gow, Mary, witness and daughter of the said Mary Jamieson and James Gow

Graham, Alexander, of Craigbet, juryman

Hamilton, James, of Barns, juryman

Harley, Peggy, resided with Quiglys, taken into custody

Henderson, Mr Richard, witness and a Town Clerk of Glasgow

Hermand, Lord Hermand, one of the trial judges in this case, died 1827

Hurley, Randle, witness and one of the officers of the Criminal Court of Glasgow

Jamieson, Mary , or Mrs Gow, witness, wife of James Gow and publican, claimed to have been victim of theft of a sheet Mary O'Hara bought, kept with her husband an Eating House in Argyle Street, Glasgow

Jamieson esquire, Robert, witness and Glasgow magistrate, also called Baillie Jamieson

Jeffrey, Mr Francis, leading advocate defending the accused, editor of The Edinburgh Review, later Rector of University of Glasgow, Dean of the Faculty of Advocates and Lord Advocate

Jones, John, bleacher at Crasslingow, juryman

Kennedy, Robert, of Mossvale, juryman

Kibble, James, of Whiteford, juryman

MacCusker, Hugh, witness and Broker in Bridgegate Street of Glasgow

Mackenzie, Elizabeth, witness and wife of Alexander Ross, soldier in the 42nd Regiment of foot, lived at Cross Boys Close, Salt Market Street of Glasgow [gone to the Regiment in Edinburgh barracks]

Marsden, Jane, witness and wife of Archibald Buchanan print cutter, residing in Camlachie of Glasgow

Martin, Mary, resided with Quiglys, taken into custody

McCrone, James, of Braehead, juryman

McGuire, Peter, husband of Esther Darroch, lived in Whiskey Close Calton

McIntosh, Daniel, witness and weaver residing in the Calton of Glasgow

McKinlay or MCKinley, Robert, alias Walter Jamieson, prisoner in custody, whom Mary O’Hara disclaimed all knowledge of; unable to write

McLean, Neil, witness and apprentice to James Drummond and Company

Menzies, James, had a public house in Old Wynd where Miller, Smith, Campbell, McKinlay & Norval were apprehended

Millar or Miller, James, in custody for theft, aged 16 or 17, worked as a weaver with his father in Calton. could not write

Mitchell, John, of Rockvilla, juryman

Morrison, Miss Helen, witness and dressmaker, lived in land behind Quigly in Littledowhill of Glasgow

Mount, Sarah, witness and servant or late servant to the William Ralston

Muir esquire, William, witness and a Glasgow magistrate

Newton, John, witness and comedian 'of the Theatre Royal Glasgow', owned the hat that was stolen from Mrs Gow's Eating House

Norval, John, prisoner in custody for theft, 14 or 15 years old when apprehended, worked with his father who was a combmaker; able to write

O’Hara, Catharine or Kitty, witness and sister of Mary, servant of Mary and Patrick Quigly, residing with them in Little dow hill of Glasgow, taken into custody, owner of the trunk or box cited, came from Ireland with Quiglys 2 years before, lived with them in Edinburgh, came with them to Glasgow, went to reside with Esther Darroch, her cousin

O’Hara Mary, born Antrim, Ireland, aged 32, accused of reset, wife of Patrick Quigly for 2 years; unable to write

O’Harra, Dan, brother of Mary, enlisted in the Train?, left six months before her arrest

O’Harra, Henry/John, brother of Mary, lived in lodgings in Camlachie in house of Jean Buchanan, wore an apron

Paterson, Dundas, spirit dealer in Glasgow, whose premises were situated in Maxwell Street Glasgow and who was robbed

Paterson, Matthew, witness and Taylor in Glasgow

Pollock, James, of Blackhouse, juryman

Quigly, Patrick or Peter, publican in little dow hill, prisoner in Tolbooth, aged possibly 32, born Derry, Ireland, kept shop in Ireland, then travelling merchant, previously fined for selling liquor without a license, married 2 years to Mary O’Hara, came from Ireland 2 years before, lived in Edinburgh, had broker’s shop, moved to Glasgow previous year after Whitsun; able to write, accused of reset

Ralston, William, witness and broker in Saltmarket Street, Glasgow from whose shop watches and seals were stolen

Renwick, William, prisoner accused of theft, could not write

Rodgers, James, lived in Camlachie, had a house to which Quigly and O’Hara were allegedly taking the box

Ross, Agnes, witness and servant to Dundas Paterson Spirit dealer residing in Maxwell Street Glasgow

Ross, Hugh, witness and one of the officers of the Criminal Court of Glasgow

Simson, Andrew, witness and clerk to Richard Henderson

Smith, John, witness, convicted thief, then accused thief, prisoner n the Tolbooth of Glasgow

Stewart, John, witness and writer (solicitor) in Glasgow

Taylor, James, witness, weaver and broker lived in Well Street Calton of Glasgow, bought stolen coat from Smith

Taylor, John, of Springbank, juryman

Thomson, Mr Robert, one of the advocates for the defence

Thorburn, Agnes, witness and widow of Archibald Davidson, Tanner in Glasgow, residing in Littledowhill of Glasgow

White, Walter, of Bankhead, juryman

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