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The webmaster may be contacted by email at

The website is largely the work of one amateur researcher, Mary McGonigal, with contributions occasionally from other researchers who have contacted the webmaster and volunteered the use of information from their own work. Sincere thanks is due to each person who kindly contributed in this way.

The website was named originally for Patrick Quigly, born 17 March 1824 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, and of Irish descent

It  uses a pedigree format showing blood and marriage links over generations, drawing on a variety of resources

It  features files about individuals who were born at least 100 years prior to the year of publication

Though accuracy is a priority, there have been and will be unintended mistakes of facts, understanding and/or typography. These will be rectified, when noted, as soon as possible.

Some files were written in the earliest stages of research and will eventually be reviewed to check and update them.

Reviewing of the files is ongoing, so interested users should check back from time to time in case file contents change

The website is based on a working database; greater accuracy may only be achieved over time through regular ongoing research and updates of the website

Some files have very scant information, others more. The content may vary from time to time as files are updated for greater accuracy and detail

Where exact dates have been found they are published; some dates are rendered as "about" a particular year and these should be treated with caution, not least because they may be subject to change as more information is ucovered

Spouses and children are noted where known, but users should be aware that some spouses or children may not have been found or, if found, not included

The index of names and the surnames' list contain alternative spellings for the names of many of the people listed; titles may be noted, though not always

A system of user IDs (eg User ID: Z711) is being introduced gradually, for reference. These will be found in the individual page file under the person's name, but, unfortunately, not in the name lists. User IDs will be attached to the individual in question permanently. User IDs are being added gradually. User ID numbers are not the same as the file page number created by the computer programme, and seen in the web page address. Unlike User IDs the file page numbers may change, for example, if two apparently different individuals are merged into one, and one of the numbers may be reassigned to another file page. Generally speaking, the files with user ID numbers have been more recently reviewed.

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