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BURNETT, William bapt. 7 September 1690, Banchory Ternan Parish, Kincardineshire, Scotland
BURNS, born About 1875
BURNS, Agnes born About 1812, Leith, Midlothian, Scotland
BURNS, Anne born About 1830 died Before 21 March 1924
BURNS, Barbara born About 1805 died Before 30 December 1856
BURNS, Bridget born About 1865
BURNS, Edward born About 1825 died After 28 October 1874
BURNS, Elizabeth born 25 February 1832, Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland
BURNS, Elizabeth born About 1900, Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland died Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
BURNS, Francis born About 1851
BURNS, James born About 1805 died Before 15 April 1888
BURNS, Janet bapt. 2 August 1846, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, Scotland
BURNS, John Lester born 29 March 1910, Washington, USA died 25 May 1989, Longview, Cowlitz, Washington State, USA
BURNS, John born About 1845
BURNS, Margaret bapt. 7 April 1644, Dreghorn, Ayrshire, Scotland
BURNS, Margaret born About 1815 died After 29 December 1862
BURNS, Mary Ann born About 1865
BURNS, Mary born 5 May 1838, Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland died 15 April 1888 at 4.30 pm, Craig Cottages, Crosshouse, Ayrshire, Scotland
BURNS, Philip born About 1820 died After 21 May 1875
BURNS, Sarah born About 1831, Kelton Parish, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland died Before 12 July 1888
BURNS, Thomas born About 1854
BURNS, Willard born About 1905, Washingotn, USA
BURNS, William born About 1895, Kansas, USA
BURNSIDE, Isabella born About 1835 died After 3 January 1889
BUSHBY, Agnes bapt. 17 November 1833, Sedbergh, Yorkshire, England
BUSHBY, Ann born About 1842 bapt. 22 January 1847, Sedbergh, Yorkshire, England
BUSHBY, James bapt. 19 October 1828, Sedbergh, Yorkshire, England
BUSHBY, John bapt. 7 January 1821, Sedbergh, Yorkshire, England
BUSHBY, Martha bapt. 15 November 1818, Sedbergh, Yorkshire, England
BUSHBY, Richard born About 1790
BUSHBY, Richard bapt. 26 March 1826, Sedbergh, Yorkshire, England
BUSHBY, Thomas bapt. 21 August 1831, Sedbergh, Yorkshire, England
BUTLER, Anna born About 1660
BUTLER, Catherine Heiress of Rumfavie born About 1425
BUTLER, Euphemia "an English lady" born About 1650
BUTLER, Marione born About 1630
BUTTER, David born About 1490
BUTTER, Henry? Laird of Gormack, Perthshire born About 1460
BUTTER, Janet born About 1505
BUTTER, Patrick of Gormack born About 1485 died Before 28 September 1530
BUTTLE, Elizabeth born About 1806 died After 2 April 1871
BUYERS, Alexander bapt. 23 November 1677, Saint Nicholas Parish, Aberdeen, Scotland
BWIK, Isbell born About 1555
BYRES, George bapt. 26 February 1679, Saint Nicholas Parish, Aberdeen, Scotland
BYRES, James born About 1640
BYRES, James born About 1725 died 1817
BYRES, James bapt. 4 March 1673, Saint Nicholas Parish, Aberdeen, Scotland
BYRES, John of Coates born About 1635
BYRES, Martha born 6 July 1739, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland died November 1816
BYRES, Patrick of Tonley born About 1705
BYRES, Robert bapt. 5 May 1675, Saint Nicholas Parish, Aberdeen, Scotland died About 1712, Dublin, Ireland
BYRON, John "Mad Jack", Captain born 7 February 1756 died 2 August 1791, Valenciennes, France
BYRON, John R.N. "Foul Weather Jack", Vice Admiral born 8 November 1732 died 10 April 1786

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