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FRASER, John of Touch-Fraser born About 1317
FRASER, John born About 1765
FRASER, John bapt. 15 March 1807, Dowally Parish, Perthshire, Scotland
FRASER, John born 1541 died 1550
FRASER, John born About 1572 died After 1640
FRASER, John born About 1536
FRASER, John born About 1202 died Before 1263
FRASER, Katherine Anne born About 1857 died 1836
FRASER, Katherine born About 1550
FRASER, Magdalen born About 1635
FRASER, Magdalen born About 1580
FRASER, Margaret Heiress of Touchfraser born About 1335
FRASER, Margaret of Ballachcraggen born About 1605
FRASER, Margaret of Muchals born About 1470
FRASER, Margaret born About 1588
FRASER, Margaret born About 1575
FRASER, Margaret born About 1575
FRASER, Margaret born About 1597, Scotland
FRASER, Margaret born About 1620
FRASER, Margaret born About 1580
FRASER, Margaret born About 1680 died 20 November 1753
FRASER, Margaret bapt. 6 July 1796, Old Machar Parish, Aberdeen, Scotland died 1839
FRASER, Marie born About 1585
FRASER, Marjorie born About 1375
FRASER, Marjory Heiress of Ardendraught and Delgaty born About 1415
FRASER, Mary or Margaret Co-Heiress of Oliver Castle born About 1273
FRASER, Mary born 1617
FRASER, Mary bapt. 20 January 1802, Old Machar Parish, Aberdeen, Scotland
FRASER, Michael of Stoneywood born 1544 died Before 18 January 1588
FRASER, of Corntoun, Miss born About 1410
FRASER, of Philorth born About 1620
FRASER, Patrik born About 1585
FRASER, Rebecca born About 1839
FRASER, Richard of Touch-Fraser, Sheriff of Berwick, Sir born About 1235
FRASER, Richard born 19 August 1809 bapt. 29 August 1809, Dowally Parish, Perthshire, Scotland
FRASER, Ruby Elizabeth born 11 April 1893, Glebe, New South Wales, Australia died 12 March 1979
FRASER, Simon 6th Lord Fraser of Lovat, Sheriff of Inverness born 7 April 1570
FRASER, Simon of Brotherton, Sheriff of Kincardine, Laird of Lovat, Sir born About 1292 died 1333, Battle of Halidon Hill, Berwick On Tweed, England
FRASER, Simon of Oliver Castle, "The Patriot", Sir born About 1250 died 1306
FRASER, Simon of Oliver Castle, elder, High Sheriff of Tweeddale, Sir born About 1205 died About 1283
FRASER, Simon Younger, Sir born About 1227 died 1291
FRASER, Simon born About 1590
FRASER, Thomas 2nd Lord Fraser of Lovat born About 1461
FRASER, Thomas 2nd of Strichen, Sheriff of Inverness born About 1582
FRASER, Thomas 2nd of Struy born About 1564
FRASER, Thomas 3rd of Struy born About 1605 died 1656
FRASER, Thomas 6th of Durris born About 1535
FRASER, Thomas of Balnain born About 1720
FRASER, Thomas of Kinmundie, later of Stoneywood born About 1470 died Before February 1536
FRASER, Thomas of Knockie, 1st of Strichen born About 1550
FRASER, Thomas of Lovat born About 1405
FRASER, Thomas of Strichen, jure uxoris born 1534 died 24 December 1576
FRASER, Thomas of Strichen born About 1608
FRASER, Thomas born About 1570 died Before 1628
FRASER, Thomas bapt. 9 May 1633, Longside Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
FRASER, Thomas born About 1810 died Before 13 March 1863
FRASER, William 11th Lord Saltoun (old numbering) born 21 November 1654 died 18 March 1715
FRASER, William 1st of Struy born About 1530
FRASER, William 2nd of Philorth, Sir born About 1376
FRASER, William 4th of Durris born About 1465
FRASER, William 6th of Philorth, Sir born 1473 died Before 13 November 1513
FRASER, William Bishop of St Andrews, Guardian of Scotland born About 1215 died 13 September 1297, Arteville, France
FRASER, William of Cowie and Durris, Sir born About 1318 died 1346, Battle of Durham, England
FRASER, William of Faichfield born About 1595
FRASER, William of Fraserfield (or Balgownie) born 1691 died 1727
FRASER, William of Park, Factor to the Saltoun Family born About 1722 died 2 December 1800 bur. Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
FRASER, William of Teachers born About 1475
FRASER, William of Techmuiry born About 1530
FRASER, William younger, of Fraserfield (or Balgownie) born 1725 died 1788
FRASER, William born 4 July 1792 bapt. 7 July 1792, Blair Atholl Parish, Perthshire, Scotland
FRASER, William born About 1574 died 10 November 1588
FRASER, William born About 1598 died 8 February 1661 bur. 10 February 1661, Carmelite Church, Place Maubert, Paris, France
FRASER MS UNKNOWN, Christian born About 1362
FRASER?, Katherine born About 1585
FRAZER, Margaret born About 1797 died 17 October 1859
FREAME, John born About 1665 died 1745
FREAME, Priscilla born About 1700
FREAME, Sarah born About 1710
FREEBORN, Ellen born 1841, St Giles Parish, Edinburgh, Scotland
FREEMAN, Annie born About 1889, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, Scotland
FREEMAN, Catherine born About 1883, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, Scotland
FREEMAN, Helen born 1875, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, Scotland
FREEMAN, James born 21 May 1874, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, Scotland died Between 1926 and 1954
FREEMAN, James born 12 March 1851, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, Scotland died 4 April 1924, Kilmarnock Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland
FREEMAN, Margaret born 1877, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, Scotland
FREEMAN, Mary born About 1887, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, Scotland
FREEMAN, Thomas born 1881, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, Scotland
FREEMAN, William born About 1886, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, Scotland
FREW, Janet born 1 November 1856, Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland died 30 October 1920, Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, USA bur. 2 November 1920, Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, USA
FRIERGRIVE, John born About 1693
FULLERTON, Catherine born About 1643
FULLERTON, Helen born About 1650
FULLERTON, John of Kinnaber born About 1620
FULTON, Elizabeth born 1818, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland died Before 14 August 1874
FULTON, John born 27 March 1789, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland bapt. 29 March 1789, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland died 5 August 1862, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
FULTON, John born 1758, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
FULTON, Mary born About 1832
FURY, Elizabeth born About 1830 died After 27 February 1879
FYFE, Mary Ann born 1852, Glasgow, Scotland died After 28 September 1948
FYFE, Mary born About 1695

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