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EAGLES, Kathleen Jane born About 1915
EAGLESHAM, David born About 1865 died After 7 August 1920
EAGLESHAM, Iris born 7 April 1900, Pollokshaws, Eastwood Parish, Renfrewshire, Scotland died 16 December 1962, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia bur. 1962, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
EARLEY, Agnes born About 1897
EARLEY, Elizabeth born About 1899
EARLEY, James born About 1893
EARLEY, Kate born About 1895
EARLEY, Margaret born 6 January 1874, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland bapt. 1 February 1874, St Mary's RC Chapel, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
EARLY, Agnes born 3 November 1877, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland bapt. 18 November 1877, St Mary's RC Chapel, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
EARLY, Bridget born About 1888
EARLY, Catherine born 30 June 1866, Cowdenbeath, Fife, Scotland died After 18 July 1919
EARLY, Gregory born 2 December 1906, Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland
EARLY, James born 6 October 1859, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
EARLY, James born 17 April 1911, Lochore, Fife, Scotland
EARLY, John born 28 August 1881, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
EARLY, Joseph born 1875, Glasgow, Scotland
EARLY, Margaret born 23 August 1913, Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland
EARLY, Mary born About 1891
EARLY, Mary born 1867, England
EARLY, Michael born 6 January 1909, Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland
EARLY, Robert born 23 March 1864, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
EARLY, Robert born January 1872, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland bapt. 18 February 1872, St Mary's RC Chapel, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
EARLY, Rose Ann born 9 December 1865, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
EARLY, Thomas born About 1840
EARLY, Thomas born 29 August 1868, Beath, Fife, Scotland
EATON, Edith Anne bapt. 11 December 1836, St Mary's, Chester, Cheshire, England
ECCLES, Joseph born About 1800
ECCLES, Sara bapt. 24 May 1824, Dungannon Parish, County Tyrone, Ireland
EDDIE, Isabella born About 1790
EDDINGTON, Isabella born 1891 died 1974, Canongate and Portobello, Midlothian, Scotland
EDDINGTON, John Millwright born About 1865 died After 28 July 1919
EDEMSON, Janett born About 1550
EDMONDSTONE, James of that Ilk, of Ednam, Boyne etc, Sir born About 1430
EDMONDSTONE, Margaret born About 1450
EDWARDS, Betty O'Reilly born About 1912
EDWARDS, Elizabeth born About 1662
EGLESHAM, Jane born About 1780
EGLINTON, Janet born About 1845
EHISLACH, Alesta of Mar born About 1165
EHISLACH, Domhnall 6th Earl of Mar born About 1230 died 7 July 1297
EHISLACH, Domhnall 8th Earl of Mar born 1298 died 12 August 1332
EHISLACH, Donnchadh born About 1248
EHISLACH, Ellen of Mar born About 1294
EHISLACH, Gratney 7th Earl of Mar born About 1255 died September 1305
EHISLACH, Isabella of Mar born About 1267 died About December 1296
EHISLACH, Janet born About 1296
EHISLACH, Margaret 10th Countess of Mar born About 1320 died About 1391
EHISLACH, Mary born About 1265
EHISLACH, Thomas 9th Earl of Mar born Before 1322 died 21 June 1374
EHISLACH, Uilleam 5th Earl of Mar born About 1195 died 1273
ELLEIS, Isabel of Mortonhall born About 1625
ELLIS, Elizabeth born About 1670
ELLIS, John of Elliston born About 1640
ELLIS, Luella born About 1880
ELLIS, Margaret born About 1510
ELMSLIE, Ann Postmistress in Rayne parish, Aberdeenshire born About 1795 died 4 October 1855 bur. 1855, Oyne Cemetery, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
ELMSLY, John in Haugh of Glenkindy born About 1720
ELPHINGSTONE, Harry Laird of Calderhall born About 1600
ELPHINGSTONE, Mary born About 1620
ELPHINGSTOUN, Margaret born About 1630
ELPHINSTON, James of Glack born About 1620
ELPHINSTONE, Agnes born 1579 died 18 September 1617
ELPHINSTONE, Agnes born 3 October 1559
ELPHINSTONE, Alexander 1st Lord Elphinstone born About 1475 died 9 September 1513, Battle of Flodden Field, Northumberland, England
ELPHINSTONE, Alexander 2nd Lord Elphinstone born 22 May 1510, Scotland died 10 September 1547, Battle of Pinkie Cleugh, Near Musselburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
ELPHINSTONE, Alexander 4th Lord Elphinstone, Lord High Treasurer born 28 May 1551, Stirlingshire, Scotland died 14 January 1638, Stirlingshire, Scotland
ELPHINSTONE, Alexander 5th Lord Elphinstone born About 1577
ELPHINSTONE, Alexander 6th Lord Elphinstone born About 1624 died 26 October 1654
ELPHINSTONE, Alexander 7th Lord Elphinstone born About 1645 died May 1669
ELPHINSTONE, Anna born About 1625
ELPHINSTONE, Anne born About 1555
ELPHINSTONE, Christian born About 1574
ELPHINSTONE, Elizabeth born About 1644
ELPHINSTONE, Euphemia born About 1500
ELPHINSTONE, James 1st Lord Balmerino born 19 August 1557 died 21 June 1621
ELPHINSTONE, James Author, "Miscellaneous Writer" born 6 December 1721, Edinburgh, Scotland died 8 October 1809, Hammersmith, London, England
ELPHINSTONE, James of Barnis born 20 November 1580 died 1628
ELPHINSTONE, James of Glack born About 1590 died Before 2 June 1670
ELPHINSTONE, James of Glack born About 1540
ELPHINSTONE, James of Logie, Sir born About 1645 died 10 March 1672
ELPHINSTONE, James born About 1536
ELPHINSTONE, Jane born 15 February 1582 died After 1628
ELPHINSTONE, Janet, Honourable born 16 March 1534 died Before 26 August 1588
ELPHINSTONE, Janet born About 1552
ELPHINSTONE, Janet born About 1674
ELPHINSTONE, Jean born About 1612
ELPHINSTONE, Jean born About 1614
ELPHINSTONE, John 8th Lord Elphinstone born 28 August 1649 died 24 March 1718
ELPHINSTONE, John of Bannockburn born About 1584
ELPHINSTONE, John born Before 1718
ELPHINSTONE, Lilias born About 1620
ELPHINSTONE, Margaret Penelope born 1719 died 1785
ELPHINSTONE, Margaret born 30 May 1684
ELPHINSTONE, Margaret born 14 February 1528
ELPHINSTONE, Margaret born 1591
ELPHINSTONE, Michael ancestor of the Elphinstones of Quarrell born 23 December 1593 bur. 1 November 1640, Durham, England
ELPHINSTONE, Robert 3rd Lord Elphinstone bapt. 9 September 1530 died 18 May 1602
ELPHINSTONE, Sarah born About 1735 died 5 December 1775, Aberdeen, Scotland
ELPHINSTONE, Thomas born About 1575
ELPHINSTONE, Tutor of Airth born About 1650
ELPHINSTONE, William Episcopal Clergyman in Edinburgh, Reverend born About 1680
ELPHINSTONE, William of Ressiviot born About 1625 died Before 16 December 1664
ELSMI, Beatrix born About 1677
ELSMIE, Alexander bapt. 7 April 1751, Glenbucket Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
EMSLIE, Mary born About 1821, Aberdeen, Scotland died 19 September 1895
ENGLAND, Alexander born About 1859
ENGLAND, Clara Beatrice born 1900, Drumoak Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland died 2000, Aberdeen, Scotland
ERICKSON, Arthur K. born About 1911, Washington, USA
ERICKSON, Elaine born About 1909, Washington, USA
ERICKSON, Gladys E. born About 1910, Washington, USA
ERICKSON, Glen W. born About 1908, Washington, USA
ERICKSON, Lenettie M. born About 1916, Oregon, USA
ERICKSON, Marx E. born About 1913, Oregon State, USA
ERICKSON, Olof Axel born 19 July 1881, Bräcke, Jämtland, Sweden died 13 August 1948, Clatsop county, Oregon, USA bur. Mount Calvary cemetery, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA
ERICKSON MS UNKNOWN, Emilia born About 1878, Sweden
ERSKINE, , Miss born About 1615
ERSKINE, , Colonel born About 1580
ERSKINE, Alexander Baron of Gogar, Sir born About 1525 died Between 1588 and 1592
ERSKINE, Alice born About 1295
ERSKINE, Charles of Alva, Sir born About 1604 died 8 July 1663
ERSKINE, David 2nd Lord Cardross born About 1627 died 1671 bur. 25 July 1671, Holyrood, Edinburgh, Scotland
ERSKINE, David 9th Earl of Buchan born 1672 died 1745, London, England
ERSKINE, David of Dun born About 1570
ERSKINE, Elizabeth born About 1435
ERSKINE, Elizabeth born About 1478, Dun, Nairn, Scotland
ERSKINE, Helen of Rothney born About 1630
ERSKINE, Helen bapt. 27 June 1762, Prestonpans, East Lothian, Scotland
ERSKINE, Helen born About 1685
ERSKINE, Henrietta, Lady born About 1657
ERSKINE, Henry 3rd Lord Cardross born 1650 died 1693, Edinburgh, Scotland
ERSKINE, Henry Master of Cardross born About 1592 died 1628
ERSKINE, Isobel born About 1475
ERSKINE, James 6th Earl of Buchan Jure Uxoris born About 1590 died 1640
ERSKINE, James 7th Earl of Buchan born About 1617 died 1664
ERSKINE, James Jacobite 1715 born About 1655
ERSKINE, Janet born About 1485
ERSKINE, Jean born About 1570
ERSKINE, John 1st Earl of Mar born About 1519 died 28 October 1572
ERSKINE, John 2nd Earl of Mar born 1562 died 14 December 1634
ERSKINE, John 3rd Earl of Mar born About 1588
ERSKINE, John 3rd of Dun born About 1440 died 1508
ERSKINE, John 4th Earl of Mar born About 1620
ERSKINE, John 4th of Dun born About 1462 died 9 September 1513, Battle of Flodden Field, Northumberland, England
ERSKINE, John 5th Lord Erskine, 17th Earl of Mar born About 1487 died 1555
ERSKINE, John 5th of Dun born About 1505 died 22 March 1589
ERSKINE, John of Balhagardy born About 1528
ERSKINE, John of Dun, Sir born About 1620
ERSKINE, John of Pittodrie born About 1560
ERSKINE, John younger of Dun born About 1479 died 9 September 1513, Battle of Flodden Field, Northumberland, England
ERSKINE, Katherine, Honourable born About 1510
ERSKINE, Katherine born About 1510 died 15 June 1529
ERSKINE, Katherine born About 1700 died 1733
ERSKINE, Margaret born About 1545 died 1599
ERSKINE, Margaret born About 1514 died 5 May 1572
ERSKINE, Margaret born About 1548
ERSKINE, Margaret born About 1525
ERSKINE, Mariota born About 1425, Scotland
ERSKINE, Mary, Lady born About 1628
ERSKINE, Mary, Lady born 1597
ERSKINE, Mary heiress of Pittodrie born About 1748
ERSKINE, Mary of Alva born About 1650
ERSKINE, Mary born About 1542
ERSKINE, Mary born About 1835
ERSKINE, of Pittodrie, Miss born About 1557
ERSKINE, Robert 4th Lord Erskine, 16th Earl of Mar born About 1467 died 9 September 1513, Battle of Flodden Field, Northumberland, England
ERSKINE, Robert Master of Erskine born About 1512 died 10 September 1547
ERSKINE, Sophia born About 1650
ERSKINE, Thomas 2nd Lord, Sir born About 1400
ERSKINE, Thomas Master of Erskine, Commendator of born About 1517
ERSKINE, Thomas of Brechin, Secretary of State to King James V, Sir born About 1480 died After 1542
ERSKINE, Thomas of Pittodrie, Jacobite 1715 born About 1675 died 14 October 1761
ERSKINE, Thomas of Pittodrie born About 1650
ERSKINE, Thomas of Pittodrie born About 1610 died 1662
ERSKINE, Thomas of Pittodrie born About 1587
ERSKINE, Unknown of Drum born About 1540
ERSKINE, William 8th Earl of Buchan born About 1656 died 1695
ERSKINE, William Jacobite 1715 born About 1687 died February 1774
ERSKINE, William of Pittodrie born About 1644
ERSKINE, William born About 1707
ERSKYNE, Agnes born About 1600
ETTERSHANK, Barbara born About 1645
EWAN, Betty born About 1780
EWING, Alexander born 6 February 1876, Dumbarton, Dunbartonshire, Scotland died 27 August 1947, McAuley, Manitoba, Canada
EWING, DNA link, Miss born About 1916

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