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DOUGLAS, William of Glenbervie, 10th Earl of Angus, Sir born 1555 died 3 March 1611
DOUGLAS MS UNKNOWN, Jane born About 1660 died December 1735
DOUGLASS, Alexander Professor of Hebrew, Edinburgh University born About 1645
DOUGLASS, Anna born About 1710 died 22 September 1744
DOUGLASS, David III bapt. 28 May 1717, Saint Nicholas Parish, Aberdeen, Scotland
DOUGLASS, David born About 1638
DOUGLASS, Gilbert born About 1685 died 1758
DOUGLASS, James of Tilwhilly born About 1690
DOVE, Zena Hayter born About 1850
DOW? OR DOWN? OR DOWR?, born About 1720
DOWELL, Margaret born About 1680
DOWGLAS, Ann bapt. 29 March 1704, High Church parish, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
DOWGLAS, John born About 1675
DOWGLAS, Marjorie bapt. 19 July 1613, Saint Nicholas Parish, Aberdeen, Scotland
DOWGLAS, Sarah bapt. 16 April 1700, High Church parish, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
DOWGLAS, Thomas Merchant in Aberdeen born About 1570
DOWGLAS, Thomas bapt. 22 May 1610, Saint Nicholas Parish, Aberdeen, Scotland
DOWGLAS, William born About 1670
DOWNIE, Agnes born 6 March 1810, Moss Street, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland bapt. 9 March 1810, St Mirin's RC Chapel, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland died 1 November 1875 at 9.45 pm, 2 Garthland Lane, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
DOWNIE, Agness born 1829, Ireland
DOWNIE, Edward born 1837, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland died After 7 November 1868
DOWNIE, Edward born About 1765
DOWNIE, Edward born About 1799, County Derry, Ireland died 7 November 1868 at 9.30 pm, 75 High Street, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
DOWNIE, Edward born 1825, Ireland or Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
DOWNIE, George born About 1685
DOWNIE, James born 1839, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
DOWNIE, John born 1841
DOWNIE, Mary born 1798, Ireland
DOWNIE, Patrick born 1794, County Derry, Ireland died 25 April 1859 at 8.30 am, Abbey Poorhouse, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland bur. Paisley Cemetery, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
DOWNIE, Patrick born 1838 died Before 24 October 1864
DOWNIE, Patrick born 1827, Ireland or Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
DOWNIE MS UNKNOWN, Mary born About 1802, County Tyrone, Ireland
DOWNS, Mary born About 1805
DOYLE, Margaret born About 1825 died After 22 November 1874
DRIPPS, Agnes born About 1770
DRUMMOND, , Miss born About 1490
DRUMMOND, Agnes born About 1565 died Before 1592
DRUMMOND, Andrew of Stanmore, Banker born 1688 died 2 February 1769
DRUMMOND, Annabella Queen Consort of Scots born About 1340 bapt. Dunfermline Abbey, Fife, Scotland
DRUMMOND, Anne, Lady born About 1650
DRUMMOND, Anne born About 1584 died After 1640
DRUMMOND, Catherine born 1555
DRUMMOND, David 2nd Lord Drummond born About 1510 died 1571
DRUMMOND, Elizabeth born About 1470
DRUMMOND, Elizabeth born About 1590 died After 1 December 1637
DRUMMOND, Eupheme of Stobshall born About 1470 died April 1502
DRUMMOND, Isabella born About 1500, Scotland
DRUMMOND, James Innerpefray, Sir born About 1495
DRUMMOND, James of Machany, Sir born About 1620
DRUMMOND, Jean born About 1580 died 1643
DRUMMOND, Jean born About 1548 died March 1598
DRUMMOND, John, Sir born About 1645 died 1707
DRUMMOND, John, Sir born About 1350 died 1428
DRUMMOND, John 11th of Lennox, Sir born 1318 died 1373
DRUMMOND, Laird of Inchpafra born About 1460
DRUMMOND, Malcolm, Sir born About 1342 died 1403
DRUMMOND, Margaret born About 1480 died 1502 bur. Dunblane Abbey, Stirlingshire, Scotland
DRUMMOND, Margaret born About 1530
DRUMMOND, Margaret born 18 February 1668 died 21 March 1696
DRUMMOND, Margaret born About 1475
DRUMMOND, Margaret born About 1528
DRUMMOND, Mary Barbara of Hawthornden born About 1721 died 11 December 1789
DRUMMOND, Patrick 3rd Lord Drummond born 1550
DRUMMOND, Sibylla born About 1540
DRUMMOND, William 4th Viscount Strathallan born Before 1688
DRYSDALE, James Douglas born About 1890
DRYSDALE, James born About 1865 died After 16 January 1918
DUDDINGSTON, Janet born About 1467 died 1541
DUDDY, Susan born About 1905
DUDZIE, Elizabeth born About 1805 died After 11 February 1860
DUFF, , Miss born About 1724
DUFF, Adam of Clunybeg, in Mortlach born About 1590 died April 1674
DUFF, Adam of Drumbulg born About 1645 died by 1679
DUFF, Adam of Drummuir, 4th of Torriesoul born About 1585 died October 1645
DUFF, Adam of Drummuir born About 1630 died 1682
DUFF, Adam of Edindiach in Gartly born About 1618
DUFF, Adam of Waster Ardbreck born About 1557
DUFF, Alexander 1st of Hatton born 1688 died 1753
DUFF, Alexander 2nd of Hatton born 26 March 1718
DUFF, Alexander 2nd of Torriesoul born About 1525 died 1589
DUFF, Alexander 3rd of Torriesoul born About 1555 died About 1606
DUFF, Alexander of Braco, Writer to the Signet born 1652 died December 1705
DUFF, Alexander of Drumbulg & Craigenach born About 1643
DUFF, Alexander of Drummuir born 1657
DUFF, Alexander of Hillockhead born About 1702
DUFF, Alexander of Keithmore, Mortlach born About 1623 died About 1700 bur. Mortlach Parish, Banffshire, Scotland
DUFF, Alexander of Kinloss, Town Clerk of Inverness born About 1600
DUFF, Alexander of Torriesoul born About 1495 died 1566
DUFF, Alexander born 1690
DUFF, Alexander born 1715
DUFF, Anna born 1689
DUFF, Anna born 1748 died 27 April 1776, Madras, India bur. Madras, India
DUFF, Anne, Lady born 1725 died 1805
DUFF, Anne of Muirtown born 1739 died 1780
DUFF, Anne born 1705 died 1775
DUFF, Anne born About 1738 died 1811
DUFF, Archibald born 1718
DUFF, Bathia born 1718 died 15 November 1753 bur. Banff Churchyard, Banff, Scotland
DUFF, Beatrice of Drummuir born About 1604
DUFF, Beatrice born About 1644
DUFF, Bessie born About 1580
DUFF, Catherine born 1683 died 20 December 1758
DUFF, Catherine born About 1847, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland died 25 March 1894, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, Scotland
DUFF, Christian born About 1550
DUFF, Christian born About 1630 died About 1660
DUFF, Elizabeth born 1692
DUFF, Elizabeth born bout 1540
DUFF, Elizabeth born 1702
DUFF, George of Edindiach born About 1630
DUFF, Helen born 1682 died July 1746
DUFF, Helen born About 1680 died 1735
DUFF, Helen born 1691
DUFF, Helen born About 1707
DUFF, Henrietta born About 1717
DUFF, Isabel born 1688
DUFF, Isobel of Craighead born About 1580
DUFF, James British Consul at Cadiz, Merchant, Sir born 1734 died November 1815 bur. 3 December 1815, Officers' Cemetery, Gibraltar, Spain
DUFF, James of Bade born About 1595 died by 1648
DUFF, James of Corsindae, Merchant in Banff born 1678 died 1762
DUFF, James of Crombie born About 1672 died 1709
DUFF, James of Dundee, "Land Surveyor of the Customs" born About 1700 died 1779
DUFF, James of the Torriesoul Family born About 1576 died Before 30 August 1617
DUFF, James born 1722, Banffshire, Scotland
DUFF, James born About 1705
DUFF, James bapt. 1 July 1733, Midmar Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
DUFF, Jane born About 1520
DUFF, Janet, Lady born 1727 died 3 March 1758, Carnoustir House, Forglen, Banffshire, Scotland
DUFF, Janet born 1710
DUFF, Janet bapt. 19 February 1738, Midmar Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
DUFF, Janet bapt. 5 May 1709, Marnoch Parish, Banffshire, Scotland
DUFF, Jean born About 1662 died 1725
DUFF, Jean born 1696 died 23 May 1776
DUFF, Jean born 1694
DUFF, Jean born About 1682
DUFF, Jean born 1746 died 15 February 1805
DUFF, Jean bapt. 30 January 1698, Saint Nicholas Parish, Aberdeen, Scotland
DUFF, John Gudeman of Craighead born About 1550
DUFF, John Merchant, Provost of Elgin, Factor to Lord Fife bapt. 24 January 1689, Grange Parish, Banffshire, Scotland died 1751
DUFF, John of Bowmakellach born 1624
DUFF, John of Pitchaish born About 1710 died About 1790
DUFF, John Provost Duff of Elgin born 1719
DUFF, John born About 1515
DUFF, John born About 1650
DUFF, Katherine born About 1669 died 1758
DUFF, Kathrin bapt. 6 February 1688, Inverness, Inverness-Shire, Scotland
DUFF, Ludovick born 1698
DUFF, Magdalen born About 1687 died 1756
DUFF, Magdalene bapt. 11 January 1736, Midmar Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
DUFF, Magdalene born About 1744
DUFF, Margaret born 1654
DUFF, Margaret born 1679 died 1721
DUFF, Margaret born About 1720
DUFF, Margaret born About 1665
DUFF, Margaret born About 1602
DUFF, Margaret born 1700 died 1789
DUFF, Margaret bapt. 19 February 1738, Midmar Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
DUFF, Margaret born About 1712 died 5 March 1803 bur. Banff Churchyard, Banff, Scotland
DUFF, Margaret born About 1710
DUFF, Margaret born About 1620
DUFF, Margaret born About 1595
DUFF, Mary born About 1666
DUFF, Mary born 1684
DUFF, Mary born 1683
DUFF, Mary born About 1690
DUFF, Mary born 1714
DUFF, Mary born About 1675
DUFF, Mary born About 1699 died 1780
DUFF, Patrick of Ballintomb, "Tiger", Colonel born 1742 died 2 February 1803, Edinburgh, Scotland bur. Greyfriars, Edinburgh, Scotland
DUFF, Patrick of Carnousie born 1797 died 1825
DUFF, Patrick of Craigienach, Factor to Grant of Ballintomb born About 1674
DUFF, Patrick of Craigston born 1655 died 3 August 1731
DUFF, Patrick of Premnay born 1692 died 1763
DUFF, Patrick of Whitehill, Provost of Banff born 1720
DUFF, Patrick Town Clerk of Elgin born 1725
DUFF, Robert Merchant and Bailie in Elgin born About 1672 died 1758
DUFF, Robert Minister of Aberlour parish, Reverend Mr born About 1690 died 15 July 1738
DUFF, Robert of Drummuir born About 1600 died 1645
DUFF, Robert of Hillockhead of Glass born 1666 died November 1754
DUFF, Robert younger, of Drummuir born 1698
DUFF, Sophia bapt. 1740, Episcopal Church, Banff, Scotland
DUFF, Thomas Banff Merchant & Burgess, Chamberlain to Braco born About 1689 died 1717
DUFF, William 2nd of Corsindae born 21 February 1714 died 15 January 1797
DUFF, William Baron Braco of Kilbryde, 1st Earl Fife born 1697 died 30 September 1763
DUFF, William Minister of Rothiemay, Reverend Mr born About 1707 died 19 August 1786, Glenbuchat, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
DUFF, William of Braco born 1685 died 1718
DUFF, William of Crombie, Sheriff Deputy of Ayr born About 1701 died 1781
DUFF, William of Dipple born 1653 died May 1722
DUFF, William of Muirtown born 1707 died 1782
DUFF, William of Whitehill, Merchant and Provost of Banff born 1690 died 1740
DUFF, William Provost of Banff, then of Inverness born About 1626
DUFF, William born 22 March 1762 bapt. 22 March 1762, Elgin, Moray, Scotland
DUFF-GORDON, Alexander Cornewall 3rd Baronet, Sir born 1811 died October 1872
DUFF-GORDON, Cosmo Edmund 5th Baronet, Sir born 1862
DUFF-GORDON, Cosmo Lewis born 1812 died 1876
DUFF-GORDON, Maurice 4th Baronet, Sir born 1849 died 1895
DUFF-GORDON, William 2nd Baronet, MP born 1772
DUFFUS, John Chaplain, Sir born About 1450
DUFFUS, Marriota born About 1485
DUFFY, Daniel born About 1908 died After 13 September 1933
DUFFY, Daniel born 15 March 1871, Shotts parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland
DUFFY, Francis Peter born 1906 died After 13 December 1961
DUFFY, Francis born 10 April 1869, Shotts parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland died After 13 September 1933
DUFFY, Helen born 27 August 1874, Shotts parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland
DUFFY, Henry born 22 October 1872, Shotts parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland
DUFFY, Joseph born About 1840 died After 16 July 1896
DUFFY, Kate born About 1865 died Before 23 December 1952
DUFFY, Mary born About 1815 died After 20 February 1879
DUFFY, Mary born 5 October 1867, Shotts parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland
DUGAN, Mary bapt. 12 February 1852, Hexham, Northumberland, England
DUGEN, Anne born 1 January 1866, Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, Scotland
DUGEN, Anne born 25 July 1873, Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, Scotland
DUGEN, James born About 1825, County Armagh, Ireland died Before 21 March 1924
DUGEN, Jane born 19 October 1855 at 3.00 am, Crosshill Village, Kirkmichael parish, Ayrshire, Scotland
DUGEN, Jane born 5 December 1867, Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, Scotland
DUGEN, John born 17 October 1873, Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, Scotland
DUGEN, John born 17 October 1863, Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, Scotland
DUGEN, Margaret born 30 December 1869, Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, Scotland
DUGEN, Sarah born 24 August 1871, Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, Scotland died Before 2 March 1941
DUGEN, Sarah born 13 August 1857, Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, Scotland
DUGEN, Thomas born 8 September 1861, Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, Scotland
DUGEN, William born 14 May 1859, Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, Scotland
DUGUID, Agnes born About 1615
DUGUID, Elspet of Auchinhove born About 1576
DUGUID, Francis 8th of Auchenhove born About 1635 died 1675
DUGUID, Francis of Auchenhove born About 1630
DUGUID, Jane born About 1650
DUGUID, Margaret of Auchenhove born About 1495
DUGUID, of Auchinhove, Miss born About 1524
DUGUID, Patrick Leslie 21st Baron of Balquhain born 1700 died 11 April 1777, House of Tullos, At The Foot of Bennachie, Scotland
DUGUID, Robert 2rd Baron of Auchenhove born About 1450 died About 1500
DUGUID, Robert 3rd Baron of Auchenhove born About 1485
DUGUID, Robert 5th Baron of Auchenhove born About 1547 died 1614
DUGUID, Robert 9th of Auchenhove born About 1675 died 1698
DUGUID, William 4th Baron of Auchenhove born About 1525 died 23 June 1593
DUGUID, William of Auchenhove, Sir born About 1585
DUKE, Agnes born About 1850, New North, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
DUKE, Mary born About 1834, Ireland died After 18 January 1886
DUKE, Michael born About 1807, Ireland died After 5 May 1856
DUKE, Philip born About 1843, Ireland
DUN, Bessie bapt. 13 March 1656, Saint Nicholas Parish, Aberdeen, Scotland
DUN, Isobell born About 1640
DUN, John born About 1624
DUN, of Raity born About 1590 died before or in 1629
DUNBAR, , Miss born About 1585
DUNBAR, Ada born About 1327
DUNBAR, Agnes born About 1330
DUNBAR, Agnes born About 1651
DUNBAR, Alexander Dean of Moray born About 1540 died 1593
DUNBAR, Alexander of Aslesk born About 1600
DUNBAR, Alexander of Conzie and Kilbuyack born About 1505 died 27 February 1578-1579
DUNBAR, Alexander of Conzie, Kilbuyack and Aldcash born About 1560
DUNBAR, Alexander of Cumnock born About 1495, Ayrshire, Scotland
DUNBAR, Alexander of Grange born About 1592 died Before March 1642
DUNBAR, Alexander Prior of Pluscarden born About 1515
DUNBAR, Alexander born About 1566
DUNBAR, Alexander born About 1590 died 1644
DUNBAR, Anna born About 1635
DUNBAR, Anne of Durn born About 1672 died 14 August 1708
DUNBAR, Anne born About 1632
DUNBAR, Archibald of Newton, Thunderton and Duffus born 15 December 1693
DUNBAR, Archibald Sheriff of Moray, Provost of Elgin born 1671 died 16 April 1733
DUNBAR, Archibald born About 1640 died 3 May 1689
DUNBAR, Beatrix born About 1540 died Before 2 June 1566
DUNBAR, Bennagefield, Miss born About 1630
DUNBAR, Catherine born About 1660
DUNBAR, Christian born About 1470
DUNBAR, David of Dunphall born About 1620
DUNBAR, Dorothy born About 1570
DUNBAR, Elizabeth of Moray, Lady born About 1427 died Before 1486
DUNBAR, Elizabeth born About 1580
DUNBAR, Elizabeth born 1677 died 11 March 1756
DUNBAR, Elizabeth born About 1615
DUNBAR, Elizabeth born About 1700
DUNBAR, Elizabeth born About 1685
DUNBAR, George 10th Earl of Dunbar and March born About 1338 died 1420
DUNBAR, George 11th Earl of Dunbar and March, Lord born About 1370
DUNBAR, Grisell born About 1574
DUNBAR, Grizel born About 1675
DUNBAR, Helen born About 1712
DUNBAR, Isabel born About 1595
DUNBAR, James of Conzie and Kiloyack born About 1470
DUNBAR, James of Durn, 4th Baronet, Sir born About 1738 died January 1812
DUNBAR, James of Mochrum, 3rd Baronet, Judge Advocate of Scotland born About 1710 died 16 April 1782, England
DUNBAR, James of Westfield, Sheriff of Moray born About 1440 died 20 April 1504
DUNBAR, James born About 1515
DUNBAR, James born About 1595
DUNBAR, James born About 1612
DUNBAR, Janet, Lady born About 1428
DUNBAR, Janet born About 1368
DUNBAR, Janet born About 1460
DUNBAR, Janet born About 1415
DUNBAR, Jean of Durn born About 1685 died 1750
DUNBAR, Jean born About 1565
DUNBAR, Jean born About 1672
DUNBAR, John 2nd of Hempriggs born About 1585
DUNBAR, John 3rd of Hempriggs born About 1620
DUNBAR, John Minister of Forglen, Reverend Mr born About 1646 died September 1716
DUNBAR, John of Burgie born About 1565
DUNBAR, John of Burgie born About 1680
DUNBAR, John born About 1770
DUNBAR, Katharine born About 1714
DUNBAR, Katherine of Grange born About 1580
DUNBAR, Katherine born About 1594
DUNBAR, Katherine born About 1563
DUNBAR, Katherine born About 1664
DUNBAR, Lilias born About 1635
DUNBAR, Lilias born About 1675
DUNBAR, Lilias born About 1590
DUNBAR, Lucia of Burgy born About 1705 died 1734
DUNBAR, Ludovick of West Grange born About 1670 died Before 1761
DUNBAR, Margaret of Grange born About 1590
DUNBAR, Margaret of Grange born About 1710 died After 1746
DUNBAR, Margaret of Grangehall born About 1490
DUNBAR, Margaret born About 1556
DUNBAR, Margaret born About 1510
DUNBAR, Margaret born About 1570
DUNBAR, Margaret born About 1650
DUNBAR, Margaret born About 1585
DUNBAR, Margaret born About 1610
DUNBAR, Mariot born About 1590, Moray, Scotland
DUNBAR, Marjorie born About 1492
DUNBAR, Marjorie born About 1600
DUNBAR, Marjory, Lady born Before 1394 died 1429
DUNBAR, Marjory of Durris born About 1530
DUNBAR, Naomi born About 1710
DUNBAR, Ninian of Grangehill born About 1595
DUNBAR, of Bonnyfield born About 1530
DUNBAR, of Cubardie, Miss born About 1560
DUNBAR, Patrick 9th Earl of Dunbar, Sir born About 1285
DUNBAR, Patrick III 7th Earl, Lord born 1213 died 24 August 1289
DUNBAR, Rebecca born About 1710
DUNBAR, Robert 1st of Burgie born About 1578
DUNBAR, Robert Baron of Grangehill born About 1665
DUNBAR, Robert of Burgie and Hempriggs born About 1615
DUNBAR, Robert of Burgie born About 1644 died Before 1692
DUNBAR, Robert of Grangehill, Elgin, Sir born About 1630
DUNBAR, Robert of Westfield, Sheriff of Moray born About 1615 died 1661
DUNBAR, Robert born 1670 died September 1742
DUNBAR, Thomas of Westgrange born About 1568 died 1620
DUNBAR, Thomas of Westgrange born About 1634
DUNBAR, Thomas born About 1615 died 4 September 1674
DUNBAR, William 1st Baronet of Durn, Sir born About 1630 died About 1710
DUNBAR, William 1st Baronet of Hempriggs, Sir born About 1650 died 1711
DUNBAR, William 1st of Hempriggs born About 1555 died Before 30 October 1636
DUNBAR, William of Durn, 3rd Baronet, Sir born About 1705 died 28 January 1786

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