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CUMING, Jean born About 1736 died 2 November 1817, Elgin, Moray, Scotland
CUMING, Jean born About 1700
CUMING, Lachlan born 20 April 1756 bapt. 21 April 1756, Alves Parish, Moray, Scotland
CUMING, Margaret of Culter born About 1610
CUMING, Margaret born 3 December 1741 bapt. 4 December 1741, Episcopal Church, Muthil, Perthshire, Scotland died 21 January 1808, Elgin, Moray, Scotland
CUMING, Margaret born About 1700
CUMING, Mathew bapt. 18 September 1655, High Church parish, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
CUMING, Patrick of Relugas born About 1710
CUMING, Peter of Craigmill born About 1710 died 14 April 1811, Blackhills, Moray, Scotland bur. Churchyard of Dallas parish, Moray, Scotland
CUMING, Robert of Relugas born About 1675
CUMING, William 1st of Craigmill born About 1610
CUMING, William 2nd of Craigmill born About 1660
CUMMEN, Archabald bapt. 22 December 1687, Speymouth Parish, Moray, Scotland
CUMMIN, Christian born About 1760
CUMMIN, Mary bapt. 9 January 1716, Peterculter Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland died 21 October 1765
CUMMINE, Margaret born About 1750
CUMMINE, William of Presley born About 1520
CUMMING, Agnes born About 1565
CUMMING, Alexander 3rd Laird of Logie born About 1710
CUMMING, Alexander in Ruthven born About 1580
CUMMING, Alexander of Altyr born About 1485
CUMMING, Alexander of Brunthill, then 1st of Birness born About 1640
CUMMING, Alexander of Culter, MP 1st Baronet, Sir born About 1655 died Before 12 April 1725
CUMMING, Alexander of Lochtervandich born About 1440
CUMMING, Alexander of Recletich born About 1625
CUMMING, Alexander of that Ilk born About 1660 died 3 October 1707
CUMMING, Alexander Surgeon, RN born About 1675
CUMMING, Alexander younger, of Altyre born About 1560
CUMMING, Ann of Culter born About 1640
CUMMING, Anna bapt. 11 June 1708, Cruden Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
CUMMING, Anne born About 1685 died 1722
CUMMING, Barbara bapt. 22 December 1711, Cruden Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland died 16 December 1779
CUMMING, Barbara born About 1647
CUMMING, Barbara born About 1690
CUMMING, Christian born About 1690
CUMMING, David Minister of Edinkillie, Moray, Reverend Mr born About 1649 died 1699
CUMMING, Duncan of Lochtervandich born About 1557
CUMMING, Duncan of Lochtervandich born About 1345
CUMMING, Elizabeth born About 1692
CUMMING, Ferquhard of Altyr born About 1350
CUMMING, Ferquhard of Lochtervandich born About 1470
CUMMING, Ferquhard of Lochtervandich born About 1370 died 1406
CUMMING, Frances born About 1853, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
CUMMING, George 2nd of Pitullie born About 1655
CUMMING, George elder, of Recletich born About 1595
CUMMING, George Minister at Essil, Moray, Reverend Mr born About 1650 died 20 September 1723
CUMMING, George of Bregach, later Lochtervandich born About 1558
CUMMING, George of Lochtervandich, Merchant, Provost of Elgin born About 1605 died After 1687
CUMMING, George of Lochtervandich born About 1515 died Before 1567
CUMMING, George Provost of Forres born About 1690
CUMMING, George younger, of Recleteich, Resident at Achnastank born About 1680
CUMMING, George bapt. 30 September 1682, Speymouth Parish, Moray, Scotland
CUMMING, Georgina DNA link born 11 December 1857, Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland died 1896
CUMMING, Helen born 28 December 1858, Abbey Parish, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
CUMMING, Helen born About 1702
CUMMING, Helen bapt. 10 February 1734, Forres Parish, Moray, Scotland died 14 November 1800 bur. Churchyard of Dallas parish, Moray, Scotland
CUMMING, Isabella of Erneside born About 1540
CUMMING, Isabella born 14 September 1861, Abbey Parish, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
CUMMING, Isobel born About 1605
CUMMING, Isobell born About 1658 died 21 December 1720
CUMMING, Issabel born About 1610
CUMMING, James Laird of Altyre born About 1585
CUMMING, James bapt. 26 May 1692, Rafford Parish, Moray, Scotland
CUMMING, James born About 1573
CUMMING, Jean bapt. 20 July 1690, Speymouth Parish, Moray, Scotland
CUMMING, Jean born About 1669
CUMMING, Jean born About 1643
CUMMING, Jeanie born 29 December 1866, Abbey Parish, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
CUMMING, Jessie DNA link born 1877, Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland died 1952, Fremantle, Australia
CUMMING, John Minister of Edinkillie, Auldearn and Cullen, Reverend Mr born About 1641 died 9 February 1689, Edinkillie Parish, Moray, Scotland
CUMMING, John of Erneside born About 1460
CUMMING, John of Pityvaich, later of Logie born About 1645
CUMMING, John of Relugas born About 1605 died Before 1686
CUMMING, John Professor of Divinity, Edinburgh born About 1670
CUMMING, John born About 1690
CUMMING, John born About 1775
CUMMING, Katherine born About 1673
CUMMING, Magdalene born About 1780
CUMMING, Margaret born About 1685 bapt. 21 April 1689, Speymouth Parish, Moray, Scotland died December 1764
CUMMING, Margaret born About 1639
CUMMING, Margaret bapt. 8 May 1710, Cruden Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
CUMMING, Margaret born 15 August 1855, Abbey Parish, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
CUMMING, Margaret born About 1668
CUMMING, Margaret born abut 1705 died 1777
CUMMING, Margaret born About 1679
CUMMING, Margarit born About 1615
CUMMING, Marjory born About 1645
CUMMING, Marjory born About 1560
CUMMING, Mary born About 1645
CUMMING, Mary born About 1695
CUMMING, of Altyre, "Fair Maid of Moray", Miss born About 1418
CUMMING, of Coulter, Miss born About 1425
CUMMING, Richard born About 1320
CUMMING, Robert 2nd Laird of Logie born About 1670
CUMMING, Robert 2nd of Birness, in Logie Buchan born About 1670
CUMMING, Robert in Mortlach, later of Recletich born About 1562
CUMMING, Robert of Altyre born About 1640
CUMMING, Robert of Lochtervandich born About 1402
CUMMING, Robert of Recletich born About 1650
CUMMING, Robert born About 1597 died 1655
CUMMING, Robert born About 1849, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
CUMMING, Thomas Laird of Altyre born About 1510
CUMMING, Thomas of Altyr, Sir born About 1380
CUMMING, Thomas younger of Erneside born About 1490
CUMMING, Thomas born About 1532
CUMMING, Thomas born About 1824, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
CUMMING, William Clergyman, Reverend Mr born About 1590
CUMMING, William DNA link born 15 October 1818 bapt. 15 October 1818, Glencorse Parish, Midlothian, Scotland
CUMMING, William in Mortlach born About 1559
CUMMING, William of Auchray born About 1530
CUMMING, William of Inverallochy born About 1540
CUMMING, William of Lochtervandich, later of Auchry and Pittullie born About 1649 died 1707
CUMMING, William Professor of Philosophy at Edinburgh born About 1639
CUMMING MS UNKNOWN, , Mrs born About 1670
CUMMINGS, Catherine born 28 February 1871, Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland died 12 February 1907 at 7.00 am, 4 Clark Street, Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland
CUMMINGS, Ellen born 1849
CUMMINGS, James born About 1840 died Before 12 July 1895
CUMMINGS, James born 26 January 1873, Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland died After 12 July 1895
CUMMINGS, John born 30 December 1874, Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland
CUMMINGS, William born About 1820 died After 9 November 1888
CUMMINGS, William born 14 November 1868, Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland
CUMYN, Alexander born About 1460
CUMYN, Marie born About 1512
CUMYN, William of Culter born About 1435
CUMYNG, Elizabeth bapt. 22 July 1666, High Church parish, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
CUMYNG, Mathow born About 1625
CUNNIBURGH, Janet born About 1715
CUNNINGHAM, , Miss born About 1480
CUNNINGHAM, Elizabeth Heiress born About 1440
CUNNINGHAM, Elizabeth born About 1670 died About 1761
CUNNINGHAM, George of Belton born About 1410
CUNNINGHAM, Helen born About 1808 died After 27 April 1855
CUNNINGHAM, Joan born About 1885 died Before 6 November 1968
CUNNINGHAM, John Laird of Barns born About 1450
CUNNINGHAM, Margaret born About 1830 died Before 25 November 1880
CUNNINGHAM, William of Belton, Sir born About 1375
CUNNINGHAME, Margaret born About 1530 died 21 March 1596
CURL, Elma born April 1873, Kansas, USA died 1963, Columbia, Boone County, Missouri, USA
CURRAN, Catharine born 25 December 1872, Shotts parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland
CURRAN, Daniel born About 1885, Omoa, Lanarkshire, Scotland
CURRAN, Denis born About 1894 died Before 23 December 1952
CURRAN, Denis born About 1865 died After 15 July 1922
CURRAN, Edward born About 1887, Omoa, Lanarkshire, Scotland
CURRAN, Ellen born 23 April 1882 at 4.00 am, 4 Omoa Square, Cleland, Lanarkshire, Scotland died After 26 May 1960
CURRAN, Helen born 16 June 1875 at 1.00 pm, Cairnie Hinds House, Inveresk, Midlothian, Scotland died After 1 July 1898
CURRAN, Hugh born 27 April 1858, Westruther, Berwickshire, Scotland
CURRAN, Hugh born 1838, County Leitrim, Ireland died 10 January 1904 at 10.15 am, 5 Courtland Place, Lothian Street, Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, Scotland
CURRAN, James born 1 February 1865, Crichton, Midlothian, Scotland died 14 January 1929 at 2 pm, Victoria Docks, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland
CURRAN, John born 26 May 1867, Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland died 5 June 1949 at 4.30 pm, 38 Bridge Street, Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland
CURRAN, Mary Ann born About 1815
CURRAN, Mary Jane born 16 June 1874, Shotts parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland died Before 21 September 1957
CURRAN, Michael born About 1810 died Before 12 March 1858
CURRAN, Rose born 1879, Shotts parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland
CURRAN, Sarah born 19 March 1860 at 3.00 am, Esperston Lime Works, Borthwick, Midlothian, Scotland died 16 February 1882 at 0.25 am, 11 Davie Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
CURRAN, Thomas born 15 June 1862, Crichton, Midlothian, Scotland died 17 May 1932 at 11.30 pm, Morrison's Haven, Prestonpans, East Lothian, Scotland
CURRAN, Thomas born 1845, Ireland died 21 January 1890, Cleland, Shotts Parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland
CURRAN, Thomas born 1877, Shotts parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland
CURREN, Thomas born About 1815 died Before 12 February 1872
CURRIE, born About 1900
CURRIE, Katharin born 16 August 1699 bapt. 20 August 1699, Inveresk With Musselburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
CURRIE, William born About 1655
CURRIE, William born About 1870
CURRY, Bessie born 16 November 1697 bapt. 21 November 1697, Inveresk With Musselburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
CUSH, Bernard born About 1790 died Before 7 June 1886
CUSH, Isabella born About 1818, Ireland died 7 June 1886 at 6.00 am, Poorhouse, Motherwell, Parish of Dalziel, Lanarkshire, Scotland
CUTHBERT, Alexander Provost of Inverness born About 1640
CUTHBERT, Alexander born About 1510
CUTHBERT, Anna born About 1680
CUTHBERT, Archibald born About 1855
CUTHBERT, Christine born About 1610
CUTHBERT, David born About 1650
CUTHBERT, George 10th of Castlehill born About 1635
CUTHBERT, Henrietta born About 1685
CUTHBERT, Isabel of Drakes born About 1670
CUTHBERT, James of Easter Drakies born About 1585
CUTHBERT, John of Audcastle Hill born About 1540
CUTHBERT, Magdalen born About 1680
CUTLER, Fanny E. born About 1860, Vermont, USA
CUTLER, George B., Dr born 12 July 1824, Vermont, USA died 5 August 1911 bur. 1911, Maple Grove Cemetery, Bakersfield, Franklin County, Vermont, USA
CUTLER, George B. born 1855, Vermont, USA died 1940 bur. 1940, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, USA

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