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QUIGLEY, Michael
(About 1794-0006/1868)
(About 1798-Before 1922)
(About 1840-)


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1. O'DONNELL, Bridget

QUIGLEY, John 1 2

  • Born: About 1840, Ireland 3
  • Marriage (1): O'DONNELL, Bridget on 18 Nov 1861 in Church Street, Dumbarton, Dunbartonshire, Scotland 1
  • Died: 1 April 1917 at 2,25 am, Gartloch Sanatorium, Lanarkshire, Scotland 4

   Cause of his death was cerebral haemorrhage, fatty heart, gastric ulcer all of uncertain duration; hypostatic pneumonia over 10 days.4

   Other names for John were HENDERSON, John,4 QUIGGLEY, John,5 QUIGLY, John, TWEEDLEY, John 6 and TWEEDLY, John.

  General Notes:

Working backward from John's parish relief application and the census entries for him and his family we scan the 1861 census for a John Quigley aged born about 1842-1843 in Ireland. The most likely entry records a family living in Balfron, Stirlingshire. This is particularly interesting since in his parish relief application of 1901 John Quigley stated he had been born there, and Balfron was not and is not the sort of town that would be readily known to immigrants to Glasgow or indeed resident Glaswegians.

This household resided at 6 Dunmore Street, Balfron. It consisted of a husband and wife, their three sons, their granddaughter, and two lodgers. The head of the household was MICHAL QUGLIE (sic). His wife Mary, and sons James, Patrick and John, all shared this surname. Michal's granddaughter was Mary McCafferty, aged 5 years. The two lodgers were John McKimmie, unmarried, aged 20 years, an agricultural labourer, born in Balfron, and Francis Gillon, unmarried, aged 21 years, a stone breaker, born in the Barony parish of Glasgow. All the 'Quglies' had been born in Ireland. This household had two rooms that were windowed. John Quglie, in this entry, was the youngest of three sons, an unmarried man of 21 years, who worked as a stone breaker and had been born in Ireland.

There are some anomalies in this identification. The most glaring is that John Quigley at the time of his marriage in November 1861 gave the names of his parents as John Quigley and Mary Hughes. In this 1861 census entry, less than a year earlier, the parents of John Quglie were recorded as Michal Quglie and Mary Quglie. However this problem may have a solution in another 'anomaly'. Two sons, James and Patrick Quglie, were recorded as aged 44 and 42 years respectively. Their father Michal was 67 years and their mother Mary 59 years. By contrast John, listed as the third son, was recorded as 21 years - a whole generation of difference. He may have been the child of a second wife, or this Mary may have conceived aged 38 years. A more likely scenario, and one that fits the discrepancy in parents' names between the census and John's marriage, is that John was the grandson of Michal and Mary but brought up as their son. There are many examples of such an arrangement at the time, and it would solve the two main areas of doubt about this census entry. The name given to the first child of John and Bridget Quigley born in September 1862 was Michael.

Two additional points connect the 1861 census entry with other data we have for John Quigley. The first is that the granddaughter Mary McCafferty listed in the entry was the child of Sarah Quigley and Charles McCafferty, who married in 1855. In John Quigley's 1861 marriage certificate one of the witnesses is named as Sarah Quigley. Later in the parish relief application John's sister was referred to along with his wife. The second point is the nature of John's employment. In the 1861 census both John and Michal were described as 'stone breaker'. This is also John Quigley's designation in the 1891 census: 'stonebreaker'.

John Quigly married Bridget O'Donnell on 18 November 1861 at Church Street Dumbarton. The marriage rite was Roman Catholic. John's age was recorded then as 18 years and Bridget's as 17 years. John was a labourer. He made his X mark. His address was 101 High Street, Dumbarton. One of the witnesses there was Sarah Quigley, who made her X mark.

In September 1862 Michael Quigley was born to John Quigley and Bridget O'Donnell in Dumbarton. John was recorded in the child's birth certificate as a general labourer. The parents' marriage date was entered as 18 November 1861.
Michael died in August 1863 of smallpox. John was recorded in the death certificate as a labourer.

The 1871 census for Glasgow recorded John and Bridget Quigley and their three children living at 580 Dobbies Loan. John Quigley was the head of the household, aged 29 years. He had been born in Ireland. He worked as a 'caulker in a boiler works'. The family's dwelling had one room with at least one window.

In the birth certificate of his son Hugh in 1877, John was recorded as a journeyman boiler maker. The informant was his wife Bridget.

In the birth certificate of his son Joseph in 1879, John was recorded again as a journeyman boiler maker. Again the informant was his wife Bridget.

The 1881 census for Govan parish recorded John and Bridget TWEEDLEY and their six children living at 83 Govanhill Street. John Tweedley was head of the household. His age was recorded as 39 years and his job as boiler maker. He had been born in Ireland.

John Quiggley was his family were recorded by the 1891 census for Dumbarton living at 90 High Street. John was head of a household that comprised himself, his wife and three sons. His age was recorded as 52 years and his occupation as stonebreaker. He had been born in Ireland.

[NOTE: These are the notes from the poor relief application file for this individual. Some of the facts or details given are on occasion not fully at one with information from other sources. Also the notes have been taken by different people at different times, some possibly being a second version or revision of what was first written. It should be remembered that the applicant for poor relief is trying to make a case for receiving financial help from the Board.]

'John Henderson or Quigley' applied for parish relief at 12.05 on June 13 1901, and was visited the same day. He resided at North Woodside Model (lodging house). He claimed to be wholly disabled on account of his having an ulcer.

John was a labourer, aged 76, (a 67 or 69 has been inserted beside this) his birth date being given as June 15 1825. He gave his place of birth as Balfron, Stirlingshire, but a note in the text says his sister and his wife maintained he was born in Ireland.(An accompanying reference says 'see 6.79.185'. This has not yet been consulted.) His parents' names were given as Archibald Henderson, farmer, and Mary Hughes, both deceased.

John was a protestant, and was married. The marriage was noted as 'Dumbarton 1860 Chapel'. His wife was Bridget O'Donnell, aged 60, who had been born in Ireland. Her residence was unknown. John had deserted her twelve years earlier.

Information about John's children was taken in at least two different handwritings. The first provides information as follows:
William, aged 50 years, born Dobbies Loan (Glasgow), a plumber, residence unknown
Unity, aged 48 years, born Dobbies Loan, married to William Rae, blacksmith, residence unknown
The second set of notes on John's children was dated 13/11/11 and reads as follows:
William 45, born Richard Street, married with 7 children to Margaret Thomson, resides about Dalmuir
James aged 39, born Dobbies Loan, married with 4 children to Ann Connolly in Dumbarton
John 27, born Govanhill Street, married with 7 children to Mary Kane in Dumbarton
Joseph 31, born Govanhill Street, married with 5 children to Franci(?) Cochrane, residence unknown

In the next section which asks for information about family members away from home is written:
'Wants an eye.
Should be thoroughly dissected before getting in again.'
The word 'dissected' is underlined twice, overlined once, and has a large cross at start and end of the word for emphasis.
The next question 'How was Applicant previously supported?' is answered
'More Efforts'
Beside '1st application' is a large cross. 'Settlement Balfron' is crossed out and 'Leaves? Ireland' written in above. At foot of this first page is the date 13/6/01 and 'Order granted to City PHo' with signature of 'JB Mitchell, ass. inspector.'
The next page begins:
'Notices sent 13/6/1901 Balfron
Statement sent 14/6/1901 Balfron' then a note added in different handwriting 17/10/01 Withdrawn Born in Ireland'
present Glasgow 10 months
prior unsettled for 20 years in Greenock, Dumbarton, Govanhill, various parts of Scotland
never resides a year in any one place
"This man says he was in City PHous 7 years ago and also in July '99. I cannot find a record. See 6.79. 185
13/6/1901 Admitted to City Poho & Left 23/7/1901
L13067 from Balfron 11/7/1 - that pauper is unknown
22/7/1: Examined pauper when he stated he was in City poorhouse in July 1899 and also on a former occasion from the Drygate Model as John Tweedley. He then gave me a statement pretty much in accordance, as regards wife and family, with 6.79.185 with a daughter in addition. He left his wife in Bowling Green Close, High St. Dumbarton- 5 or 6 years ago. She afterwards removed to Dennystown, Dumbarton where he believes she still is. He states he was once in Dumbarton poorhouse once (sic) for one day some years ago -but cannot remember but cannot remember whether Dumbarton or Cardross was the relieving parish- thinks he just went to the poorhouse - he admits being some time in Dumbarton - also in Bonhill -some months - wrought with John Hall, Bonhill (latter was contractor for carting road metal in Bonhill, Cardross & Dumbarton parishes).
His son, James -last seen in Central police office for 'riping pouches' (sic). Hugh in 13th Hussars -son in law William Rae was in Barlinnie 2 years ago - Drunk & incapable - wife then on So(uth) Side. John & Joseph last known with mother.
L13758 from Governor, Dumbarton poorhouse 25/7/1 - stating he had searched the books for 7 years back without finding any trace of pauper."'
The rest of John's file consists of a series of entries made in the first decades of the 20th century:
"R1042 6.45 pm 13/6/05 John Henderson or Tweedley or Quigley Eye Infy
certd Insane. Family residence unknown.
Send to Gartloch Asylum States he was in New Monkland PH 6 weeks ago. Resided in Airdrie 16/6 0? Spec(?) notes Asylum new Monkland Balfron Dumbarton"
To the left of this entry the file reads "Claim to new Monkland 20/6/05"
" G3/11/8
R2961 from New Monkland
21/6/05 I have yours of 19th instant
in this case, and as requested send you as follows a note of pauper's applications here viz. 6/5/05 8/10/04 to 24/4/05 3/9/04 Refused 9/8/04 to 12/9/04 6/7/04 to 25/7/04, 18/12/03 to 14/3/04, 20/11/03 to 14/12/03, 26/5/03 to 1/6/03, 17/11/02 to 18/3/03, 7/11/01 to 29/11/01 - 19/11/01 to 20/11/01, 2/8/00 withdrawn 4/11/98 to 8/11/98

11/4/07 Claim to Balfron

C7878 8/9/09 Notice and claim from Govan for Bridget O'Donnell or Quigley on General Debility chg in Poho
16/9/09 wrote
20/9/09 Reliev Govan her(?) & send here
21/9/09 Chg ceased
Re 59442 31/3/10 John Tweedley or Quigley's wife from 67 Commercial Road SS and admitted to Barnhill PoHo left 30/4/10 OR
Re 73565 17.5.11 John Tweedley or Quigley's wife from 67 Commercial Road SS certified 'slight shock' and on 18.5.11 withdrew application
22.5.11 withdrawn No case
Re 79190 13.11.11 John Tweedly(sic) or Quigley's wife from 67 Commercial Road certified 'debility' and is admitted to Barnhill Poorhouse (Husband in Gartloch)
she left 20/11/11 by friend
Case revised in Woodilie (crossed out) Gartloch 12/12/11 Ass.
(some small figures at start unclear)
Re 95708 15.4.13 John Tweedly or Quigley's wife, 63 (sic) Commercial Road c/o Mrs Rae, certified 'senility' & on 16.4.13 order granted to Barnhill Poorhouse C10
Family as per slip (underlined)
21.4.13 Poorhouse
Left 11.10 13 By Daughter
B5007 9.3.14 John Tweedly or Quigley's wife, 63 Commercial Road c/o Rae, certified 'Lumbago' and on 10/3/14 order granted to Barnhill Class 10
16/3/14 Poorhouse Left 28/5/14 6R(?)

1st April Died in Gartloch Asylum (F)

20/2/23 Referred To Govan 63 Commercial Road

In the marriage certificate of his son John Quigley in 1903, John Quigley senior was recorded as a 'journeyman ironship caulker'.

John Quigleys death was recorded for posterity as that of 'John Henderson'. His death certificate recorded him as 'John Henderson labourer married to -------- aged 92 years, usual residence Glasgow'. No parental information was given. There is no doubt however tht this was John Quigley married to Bridget O'Donnell. The parish relief application outlined above links the two names with Gartloch Asylum.

John Quigley was deceased when his son John died in 1932. In his son's death certificate, John was recorded as a labourer. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

  Research Notes:

Barlinnie was, and is, a prison in the north east of Glasgow.

The ages given for John at different times do not tally with each other. It is difficult to ascertain which ones are most accurate. Generally speaking the younger a person is when an age is given the more likely it is to be accurate. John was not literate so keeping track of his age might have been even more difficult because of this. Nevertheless it is clear that the ages noted in the poor relief application are exaggerated.

John tried to improve his chances of gaining assistance by a variety of subterfuges:
- he changed his name to a Scottish one
- he changed his birthplace to a Scottish one
- he added at leasy 10 years to his age, and upped his children's ages accordingly
- he claimed to be a Protestant, though we know for certain he had a RC marriage
- he claimed to have deserted his wife a good number of years before
- he underplays his settled family life and exaggerates his wanderings and dependency, thus confusing the issue of where he has lived and for how long, all of which contribute to his settlement granted by the Board.
It is difficult to know whether John used these subterfuges consciously or not.

For more information try
which holds photographs and records of Gartloch.

  Medical Notes:

W. A. Parker MB CM Glasgow certified the causes of death.

L. Whitt North, attendant in Gartloch Asylum gave notice of John's death before John Brown, registrar, at Chryston on 9 April 1917. 4

John married Bridget O'DONNELL on 18 Nov 1861 in Church Street, Dumbarton, Dunbartonshire, Scotland.1 (Bridget O'DONNELL was born about 1844 in Ireland 3 and died 7 May 1931 at 1.10 am in 1301 Govan Road, Glasgow, Scotland 15.). The cause of her death was senile decay.4

  Marriage Notes:

The marriage was celebrated after banns according to the rites and forms of the Roman Catholic Church. The priest was John MacDonald, Roman Catholic Clergyman. The witnesses were James McQuillan who made his X mark, and Sarah Quigley who made her mark.

John Quigly (sic) was an unmarried man aged 18 years who worked as a labourer. His address was given 101 High Street, Dumbarton. He made his X mark.

Bridget O'Donell (sic) also made her X mark. She too was unmarried and of High Street, Dumbarton. No house number was noted. She was aged 17 years.

The marriage was registered on 20 November 1861 at Dumbarton, Wm. Jardine being the signing registrar.


This name refers to a strip of land in West Bridgend, Dumbarton, between the road and the River Leven, not far from the old bridge. It is a name formed from the personal name "Henry", and the Scots word shot. This word appears to have had the meaning of "piece of land from which one can shoot (cast) a fishing net into the water". It implies too, more than likely, the possession of the fishing rights by the landowner.

Who "Henry" was, however, is unknown. Absolutely certain, however, is the fact that the present-day Henryshot, the short street with tenement building in West Bridgend, is named after the land, and situated exactly there.



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